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    Honeycomb from bee hive - made by bees
     Our honeycomb panels offer your guests raw honey that is 100% natural. These honeycombs are all built and filled with honey by the bees themselves. The honeycombs are entirely edible, including the wax; your guests can scrape the honey off the panels, or eat the pure liquid that drips off of the panels. There is nothing rawer and purer than comb honey, this way you offer your guests a very exclusive product.

Honey for breakfast

Honey is a natural liquid substance produced by bees. Bees extract nectar from flowers and by adding enzymes as well as by thickening through evaporation, the nectar is converted into honey. We use honey as a food and in most cases to sweeten our food. Honey is a delicious sweetener and is great in tea, for example, but honey is also recommended on a rusk, sandwich or cracker. In addition, honey also tastes delicious in dairy products such as yogurt as a supplement to muesli or cruesli or simply as a sweetener.

In order to be able to offer a full breakfast to your guests in your restaurant or hotel, honey is indispensable.

Fresh and natural honey for your guests

Would you like to offer your guests fresh honey for breakfast? Would you like to offer a real honeycomb at your breakfast buffet or dessert buffet? Nothing beats fresh 100% natural honey. Offer your guests that option and go for a natural honeycomb in your restaurant. Our bee-built honeycomb is completely filled with the most delicious honey and because it comes straight from the beehive, the honey is fresh.

With our honeycomb panels you offer your guests fresh raw honey that is 100% natural. Our practical honeycomb displays are made of stainless steel, which gives it a cool and stylish look. It's even more impressive to offer fresh honeycomb honey to your guests. In addition, a bee comb is also impressive and special and is a real showpiece at your breakfast buffet.

What is a honeycomb?

Comb honey or beecomb is honey that is made in a 100% natural way. The bees build the combs from real beeswax. A honeycomb is located in a hive and consists of hexagonal cells. The honeycomb is freshly built by bees and filled with honey. As a result, a beecomb has a soft structure. A honey frame consists of 3% beeswax and 97% pure honey. Fresh honeycomb is edible together with the honey, but it is not completely digestible. You end up with a little bit of wax left in your mouth. When eating honeycomb, you can chew the wax into a small lump and then spit it out.

Our beautiful and sturdy stainless steel honeycomb display makes it easy for your guests to scrape the honeycomb off the panels. They can also eat the pure liquid honey that drips from the panels. There is nothing rawer and purer than comb honey, so you can offer your guests an exclusive experience with this special product.

How to use a honeycomb?
To make clear how the honeycomb can be used and served optimally, we have made a video with an explanation.

If you would like more information or if you are interested in our honeycomb, we would love to hear from you.

pure nature for your breakfast buffet